Sunday, October 16, 2011

Civil Service Exam Result October 2011 Professional and Sub Professional PPT

civil service exam result october 2011

On this page is where we will put the complete list of passers for the October 15, 2011 Civil Service Exam Results. It has already undergone the other day and we are looking forward for the official CSC website to have it released. You may visit the Civil Service Commission (CSC) website for the original copy but we will still be posting it here the official list of csc exam result passers.

The results of the CSC's Career Service Examination Paper and Pencil Test (PPT) will include Results for PROFESSIONAL - Civil Service Exam as well as SUB-PROFESSIONAL - Civil Service Exam Results October 2011.

Our list will include as follows as per region - REGION 1 | REGION 2 | REGION 3 | REGION 4 | REGION 5 | REGION 6 | REGION 7 | REGION 8 | REGION 9 | REGION 10 | REGION 11 | REGION 12 | NCR | CAR | CARAGA | ARMM.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what kind of system in checking the answer sheets are you using that it takes forever to release the results.
Maybe we can find a more efficient way???

Anonymous said...

Every seconds count. The longer you delay the result the more opportunities lost for the examinees whose careers depended on that.

I think you need to do a better job with this.